WERT – Weekend Evangelism RoadTrip …

WERT – Weekend Evangelism RoadTrip

From New Paltz to NJ to NYC to DE to PA to NYC to NJ to NYS to RI

The LORD showed up this weekend on our trip to preach the gospel of the Kingdom and challenge men to repent. It was great to meet up with our Kingdom people in the Hudson Valley and in NYC and DE/PA, be shown true Christian hospitality, sing praises with the brethren….all along the way of declaring the judgment of the Kingdom that is coming soon and for those whose hearts were pierced, telling them the way to escape and end up in paradise…

Any more thoughts?


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  1. Posted by Anonymous on January 2, 2007 at 5:02 am

    hey hey hey! Onye Kline and I did end up joining you along with quite a few others. That was a good day and we ran into some atheist booth which would have been key for your trip but we battled them alone…and nothing good came of it except we made a stand for God:D. Gooood summer spending lots of time with my family of Christ. I love you all and pray for the strength of Abraham, David and you guys!



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