Authorial Intent I don’t think we can continue to…

Authorial Intent

I don’t think we can continue to approach the scriptures from a “word-by-word inspired” view-point. I think we have to recognize the Authors of the Bible as contributing something personal and human. Granted when YHWH speaks – those are his words and his words alone. However in the New Testament we have three large voices – Paul, John, and Luke. They definitely have their own way of communicating the truth. They don’t disagree with one another. James and Matthew also have their own style. They don’t contradict Paul or Luke or anyone. Peter (and Mark) again have a style – similar to James’. I think that the Bible can come to mean more than words on a page when we look at as a personal writing (most of the NT was letters – very personal). The context means so much to help us understand.

The above link talks (in depth) about these ideas (which some will call “liberal”). I left a large comment. Feel free to comment below or on the Biblical Foundations blog.


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