If you’ve been reading things on the internet (I d…

If you’ve been reading things on the internet (I don’t have a TV to watch the news on, lucky me!) no doubt you’ve read a good amount about the Ted Haggard situation. Plenty of Christian blogs are picking up on this and disecting it from all sorts of angles.

Two things that I found wonderful were these:

The first post just goes to show us all that sin is ever present in the world. Crushing sin, so that it won’t “master us”, should be our first priority. We might not have as much to lose as Mr. Haggard did, but sin is still painful. Any sin that we do not repent of will(!) prevent us from entering God’s Kingdom! Sin is an offront, an offense to God – and we need to treat it as such. Our culture, of course, doesn’t help us in this regard.

The second post, unfortunately, needed to be said in light of the sin. Joe Hallat’s testimony is powerful. Our nature state of being is against God – even if it is homosexual.

I think we would do wise to take a look at sin in our lives – and rid our lives of it – as our Master Jesus the Messiah commands us


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