Saturday Morning Readings: Book Review I’ve also …

Saturday Morning Readings: Book Review

I’ve also read Erhman’s Jesus: The Apocalyptic Prophet of the New Millenium and I think it is fantastic. Of course he does not take the position of a believer or theologian, but of a historian. This leads him to say he cannot co-oberate Jesus’ miracles (but he firmly says that every witness says Jesus was a healer). He also challenges the traditional view of the writers of the Gospels – stating they are anonymous. He also challenges the “there are no contradictions in the Bible” idea just within the four Gospels. So unless you’re willing to overlook, or grapple with these ideas don’t bother reading it. However, I find it is immensely valuable!

Ehrman shows that Jesus is an apocalypticist through and through. That his view of the Kingdom, and the present state of the world shape his actions. In short, to Jesus the world is clearly going downhill (historical pessimism), there are clear lines of demarcation between good and evil (cosmic dualism), that God and his true people will get full glory (ultimate vindication), and that it is going to happen soon! (immanence). Add that with the coming judgment of God’s righteous Kingdom to restore all creation – and you have Jesus’ motivation to his teaching, and healing.

Ehrman’s section on “Kingdom Ethics” is perhaps the highlight of this book. That an unbelieving (insofar as I know) scholar can say what Jesus means the best I’ve ever heard it said by any preacher I’ve heard – is a miracle (take that Bart!). I’m not going to spoil it (get the book and read it). I’m sure you’ll see some more on this blog about “Kingdom Ethics” also.


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  1. Hi

    This may interest you.
    Jesus did not die on Cross. Please don’t mind. In my opinion he survived death on Cross, as he promised to show sign of Jonah. And Jonah entered the belly of fish alive, remained alive in the belly of the fish and came out alive from the belly of the fish. Similarly Jesus entered the tomb where he was laid after he was delivered from the Cross, in a precarious condition but nevertheless alive. Jesus remained alive in the tomb and came out of it alive. Since he never died on the Cross, there is no question of his resurrection from the dead. This has been proved by the PromisedMessiah 1835-1908 from several arguments from the Quran, NTBible and the medical and the history.
    Second Coming has already taken place in the form of the PromisedMessiah1835-1908 as was prophesised in the scriptures.
    Kindly visit my blogsite for your comments and/or discussions on the posts/pages there if you like. Differing opinions are also welcome.
    I love Jesus, Mary and Muhammad.
    I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim


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