American tradition usually dictates a time of refl…

American tradition usually dictates a time of reflection and remembrance for things that families are thankful for on Thanksgiving Day.  Often times people will even take a time around a dinner table to list things that they are grateful for on that day.  As the sky grows darker, bellies are stuffed, dishes piled up and couches are occupied.  Only hours later lines will be forming by those same people to stock up on needed and un-needed items at after Thanksgiving Day sales at all of the stores.  Only hours from now Thanksgiving Day will be a distant memory for most as the shopping for a winter holiday takes over.  

Though this is the way for most in the world, the attitude of a Kingdom citizen in waiting is one of live-long gratitude.  More than an annual celebration of being thankful for the “stuff” we have and the people we know, our thankful attitudes are dictated by historical events which cannot be erased or changed.

To think that Jesus, the King of the coming Kingdom of God, would willingly be sacrificed so that others could be with him in his Father’s Kingdom is more than an amazing thought.  All of the wrath of God fell upon him so that others could be spared from it.  The righteous died for the unrighteous, the innocent for the guilty, the just for the unjust.  Jesus Christ died for me.  Thank God.

Beyond that, the future history of the coming Kingdom gives us much to be thankful for.  Salvation from death AND the chance to live forever in a perfect age with God Himself.  God provides for man’s essential need for immortality and offers the return to His original intent for those who are His.  For those who are saved from death and keep Jesus as the Lord of their life, a time of unparalleled peace, joy and safety will be their destiny.  The Kingdom of God is coming to the earth.  Thank God.

Unlike those around us who are thankful for temporal things for but a moment, let us be those who remain thankful because of those things that are eternal.  Gratitude inspires one to keep the right perspective on life when things are trying and when things are smooth.  

Lets be thankful to God for His Son.  
Lets be grateful to God for His Kingdom.  
Thank God for God.


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