Book Review – Captivating

Book Review – Captivating by Eldredge

Before the holidays I read this book (it was a very quick read compared to some other books). I found that some of the practical examples of the relationship side of women were enlightening and insightful. I feel that they made a few great points about certain aspects of women. One of the better parts was a description of how Godly women appear. Stasi described a woman of beauty and power – later revealing her to be very old. I instantly thought of a woman in our congregation. However, I think the focus, or point-of-view, of the book is entirely wrong. It seems to suggest that the natural state of feeling about ones-self as a woman is to be placated, comforted, by God and Jesus. It seems to communicate that God will mold himself to be exactly what you need him to be, in the case of romance, adventure, and life-hurts. I think this is its failing. God is not here to mold to you. We need to mold to God. Our natural feelings about ourselves are to be repented and healed of. Not patched, fixed, or accommodated. Like I said, certain observations and even practical advice isn’t entirely bad or incorrect – but rather the “world-view”, point-of-view, or focus, is biblically off-base. We all know that we need to repent from our natural state of being and thinking.


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