Action and Belief

I’ve come to learn something about myself, and about people in general. Our actions always follow our beliefs. Of course this might seem trivial, but it is actually the basis of all study about mankind, anthropology, sociology, psychology, and even marketing. It is exactly why all the marketers try and make their brands exciting, not merely full of features, but identifying with their audience. I think realizing this will help us recognize the Gospel message. It will help us in examining our own self, to see whether we are in the faith. And I think it will help us realize how we can help others too.

I think this relates to preaching the Gospel and discipling very well. Often times people will say I just can’t change, or they’ll want to change, but can’t. We understand the preaching of the Gospel to be centered on Repentance. To say “I can’t repent” is to deny God to his face. God has called us to repentance. If one has not repented, or refuses to repent – one has to wonder what importance the Gospel has in their life, perhaps if they even believe it at all. When Jesus says that some bring forth thirty fold, sixty fold, and hundred fold – he is not talking about repentance! He is talking about gifts and abilities to change the world! Repentance is the response to the Gospel, and it is required.

We often talk about our free will. But sometimes the deck is stacked against a person. We understand that people have traumatic experiences in their life that prevent them from responding to the darts of the Devil. And the Devil plays dirty, he doesn’t have a problem taking advantage of people. Due to what a person believes about God, themselves, and their environment – they can easily believe they can’t repent – so they won’t repent. Actions always follow belief.

So, is this hopeless? Absolutely not! The Gospel has power! The Gospel about the Kingdom of God, and repenting in light of it has power! The story that God has drawn in front of us has the power to change a person’s reality. What you believe defines your actions. Your belief is based on your experiences in reality. God has the power to change your belief by giving you new experiences! The proclamation of the Gospel of the Kingdom and Cross can give a new experience to a person. Remember – this is the event that makes a new creature! Of course it has power!

Why are we scared of preaching? With this power on our lips, the power to re-birth someone, the power to make angels rejoice in heaven at a repentant person. Why are we ourselves scared of living this way? Why are we scared of being changed? Why do we even listen to our own experience? Ask God to give you new ones. And step out to preach, and you will see new ones.


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  1. John, I think it can not be stated enough the that gospel is soooo powerful. When we preach the gospel to people who we most likely will never see again, I can rest knowing that if the gospel is spoken to them, they can be saved – even if they never come to my church or fellowship. The gospel is so powerful, that seed of immortaility in fact – and our God is merciful, the availablity of Scripture is widespread and they can find the truth – even apart from me.
    This is very encouraging.


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