I love quotes

And this is a good source so far

Actually, I do find Christians these days who seem to have largely wasted their lives. They were converted to Christ but they have never sought to go on to an increasing knowledge of God. There is untold loss and failure because they have accepted the whole level of things around them as being normal and desirable. —A.W. Tozer

I think this quote is right-on! If we have met God, and as a result have repented, if we believe in the life-changing Gospel of the Kingdom, if we are baptized as a sign of our commitment towards God, shouldn’t we be motivated to do something for him!

How can we sit around, claiming to be whole-heartedly committed to God, while sitting on our couches watching movies. While sleeping the day away. While spending our money on things we don’t need. While not making any impact on the world around us!

The Christians of the first century turned the world upside down. I think they would be ashamed at us today. They died for their faith. We barely go to church on Sunday for ours.


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