Book Review: Problem by Witherington

The Problem With Evangelical Theology: Testing the Exegetical Foundations of Calvinism, Dispensationalism, and Wesleyanism by Ben Witherington III

This is another fantastic book by Witherington. I wanted to finish this in short order after I read his newer book. However, life got in the way and I’ve only just finished it minutes ago, after starting it way back when. This one has highlighting allll over it. He runs through Romans 5-7 skewering Luther, Augustine, and Calvin. He spends time touching such topics as conversion/regeneration, apostasy, election, prevenient grace, santification, and even a couple of paragraphs on the holy spirit. He spends time outlining the Kingdom as well. He destroys Dispensationalisms separation of Israel and Church, and removes rapture theology. Ben covers a lot of ground in this book.

There is also a stirring ending, that I’ve been seeing more and more true. The Bible is narrative. The Bible is not an instruction book. It is not a systematic book. We should not treat it as “the book with all the answers”, there are plenty of rocks left uncovered in it. What we should read are the stories about how God works, and how Gospel-truth is conveyed to those who have ears to hear. We should read the ethical principles with which we Christians are to live – and the simplicity of the repentance-centered Kingdom message is. Exegeting – understanding the references, force, and tenor – of the passages is complicated and has many variables. However, understanding the overall Kingdom-message of the Bible is simple. It is a simple story. If I could, I would have all Christians read this book.


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  1. Thanks sounds like something I would like to read.


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