Only One Way?

One Way?

Jesus gives a clear and commanding statement in John 14:16: 

He says “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.” 

In the society we live in now, these words would be labeled as arrogant, intolerant, prideful and uncompassionate to the experiences and backgrounds of other faiths or cultures.  I have heard people, who would consider themselves Christian, that disagree with this statement.  Often the argument that is given is that “there are many ways to God” and that they may be called different things, but they all end at the same place.  When I hear this, $I picture a mountain with many roads leading to the same pinnacle.  Yahweh, Allah and Buddha are the same; just know by different names by different people.  Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed all were sent by “God” and declared the message for their time period He wanted people to know. 

I am sure you have heard these statements and ones like them before.  We are living in the “post-modern” era.  I have heard it defined well by using the example of a baseball umpire.  Before the period of enlightenment an umpire would “call them as they are.”  After this period the umpire’s thinking would be to “call them as he sees them.”  In the post-modern era we are in now the ump simply “calls them and they are.” As long as you believe something, it is true to you. 

Getting back to Jesus’ statement however, these words would prove to be contradictory to the words of Christ.  For the Christian, these words should serve as the critical foundation for why we do what we do and why we don’t do what others do.  In a world that is increasingly tolerant of all behavior and belief, the words of Jesus the Messiah in John 14:6 will look more and more irrelevant.

  • – Why does Jesus say these words? 
  • – How is he the only way?
  • – Perhaps in our world now, these words are no longer true? 
  • – If they are true, what do you foresee as a result of them in our world today? 
  • – What are the implications of Jesus being the “only way” to God? 

5 responses to this post.

  1. Exactly! Otherwise, Jesus would have said, “I am a way, a truth, and a life. Some come to God through me.”


  2. He clearly didn’t say, some come to God through him. Yet people have changed it to mean that don’t you think?


  3. Yes, I do. And that thinking is in direct opposition of the Good News that God provided THE WAY, yet still people want a back door(s).


  4. Jesus spoke the Truth, and in doing so provides something NO other belief system on this planet does – a solution to the inherent problem of sin. Sadly some consider sin is a dirty word, or that it’s not a real issue, preferring to gloss over their wrongdoings or call them by any other term as to remove any need for forgiveness by anyone much less God. By Jesus’ (blood) sacrifice He IS the only way for man to have a relationship with God, because God has, from the time of the fall, stated that a blood sacrifice is the only payment for sin, knowing that nothing less would ever make us pay any attention to the seriousness of the crime against Him.

    If “all roads” lead to God, then Jesus ultimately died in vain, and we are all still ultimately doomed to hell when we die. Sadly, those who refuse to accept His Truth are just that – doomed, and unless God intervenes miraculously to sharpen their conscience and reveal this to them they will be among those we read of who declared to Him that they had done many things in his Name, but whom He casts out stating He doesn’t know them. There are many even within traditional “Christianity” (see my post on “What’s in a Name”), who will equally get a shock when they stand before him. Time is running out SO fast just now, anyone who doesn’t know Jesus as Lord and Saviour of their lives should do everything possible to change that situation immediately! Blessings, TKR.


  5. The implications of Jesus being the only way to God implies that all other ways are counterfeit. While all beliefs are widely accepted in our world , all beliefs are accepted except the biblically Christian one. This also implies that Christians will be and are put in opposition to other religions and philosophies. To be out spoken therefore will take great courage.Most will allow Jesus to be a good person who had much to teach the world,but to actually believe that he was the only way to God doesnt fit into their logical assessment of what they think is right. It gets to be too uncomfortable for them. Its the same old same old they think they are smarter than God. They will work out their own cisterns even though they are broken and can hold no water. They are so proud etc that they cannot accept the sacrifice and the solution that Jesus the Messiah offers.


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