Isaac Newton: Christianity and Trinity

Isaac Newton 

It was interesting to read this article today on

Papers show Isaac Newton’s religious side

It is interesting to note that along with Newton’s brilliant scientific mind, he had a love for the Scriptures.

“Newton, who died 280 years ago, is known for laying much of the groundwork for modern physics, astronomy, math and optics. But in a new Jerusalem exhibit, he appears as a scholar of deep faith who also found time to write on Jewish law — even penning a few phrases in careful Hebrew letters — and combing the Old Testament’s Book of Daniel for clues about the world’s end.”

From his study, Newton was probably not a trinitarian.  This has been documented by various sources.  One presentation that I heard a number of years ago was very interesting.  You might find it interesting as well:

Isaac Newton and Socinianism Associations with a Greater Heresy – Stephen David Snoblen



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  1. Posted by armyscout on April 24, 2009 at 9:15 pm

    Hi Victor
    There is a bit about Isaac Newton on this web site.
    check it out:
    Also, read the article on Michael Servetus (A Spanish equivalent of Isaac Newton).


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