God’s Temple

In the New Testament, we are presented as God’s new Temple – where his spirit dwells. In the Old Testament God dwelt among his people in the the Tabernacle/Temple. This was a big deal for Israel. It meant that God was close to them, involved with them, and identified with them. It also meant that God saw what was going on intimately. God punished clearly and quickly when offense was made towards Him or His Temple. Think about Eli’s sons who offered strange fire, the earth swallowing up the families who stood against Moses in front of the Tabernacle. Think about Jeremiah’s prophecy concerning the Temple – it will be destroyed because of the unholiness present in it. God is angry when his Temple is defiled with unholiness and sin.

Do you think this carries over to us as God’s Temple in the New Testament? How so? More than the OT, less?


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