What sets the Christian apart from others?

I have spent the last few days thinking a lot about the Christian identity. What is it that sets us apart from others? How do I know when I run into another Christian? We don’t have a secret handshake or a special wristband.

I could just ask someone if they are a Christian, but 7/10 Americans would say that they are so. Yet, very few of them are involved in church, and their lives would not be a good reflection of that confession. So, we cant go by just asking. What should the ideal standard be? What does Jesus our Master tell us?

“By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.”  John 13:35

Our lord Jesus Christ makes it clear that the thing that should unite the identity of believers is the love they have for each other. In the ideal situation, people should look at the church and say “look at the love they have for each other, I wish my family was like that.” Or maybe they would say “I wonder what makes them so loving?”

Our identity needs to be defined by our compassion and concern we have for one another. There are lots of practical ways we can do this. We have a lot of sick people in our church. Why not give them a call to let them know you care? Or, maybe a email to let them know that you are thinking of them. Write a letter to someone, reminding them of your love. Is there anyone with a need, do what you can to fill it. If someone is down and depressed, pray for them and give them a hug next time you see them.

Let us start living by the identity marker that Jesus Christ set for us, a people of mutual love and compassion for each other.

More from Pastor Dustin Smith at http://www.timberlandbiblechurch.org/


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