A Challenge For Pastors – Paul Washer

What stops us from speaking truth?

Is there wisdom in holding back needed information because of timing elements?

Challening words from Brother Paul.  Any thoughts?


2 responses to this post.

  1. Awesome quote from this video…

    “I’ll tell you what was going on. If you had been baptized as an infant, you are in the church. Even though you are unregenerate you were in the church. You got in. Why? Because you went through some man-made superstitious thing. Southern Baptists are no different. It’s just we don’t have infant baptism, we have that silly superstitious prayer at the end of a Roman Road that has sent more people to hell than every brothel in this country.”


  2. This link was pass all over COGmail/pastors.

    I had actually listened to the sermon in its entirety about 2 months ago. I think that the Calvinish takes too much responsibility off of the believer, or at least the way PW is exegeting it.

    Dustin Martyr


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