Evangelism: Not my job?

If you are a parent, worker, or anyone who deals with authority, I am confident that you have heard at one time or another the following: “It’s not MY job!” People are quick to let others know that they are not responsible for any work that is not clearly defined in their job description. Granted, we could take into account work loads and lazy coworkers, but generally the tendency is lack of going-above-and-beyond.
I can venture a guess that more than 1/2 of people attending church in America, if asked to do something out of their comfort zone, would reply with “That’s not MY job.” The question is, is it really?
“Go into all the world and make disciples…….teaching them to observe all that I’ve commanded you.” Matt. 28:19-20
Jesus here give a clear command to the church at large. It is OUR responsibility to be working in the direction of (in particular) doing two big things. First, we are to be making disciples. Second is to teach them to observe all that I have commended.
A few thoughts come to mind: “How many people to venture to church honestly understand their specific mission in life is to (in some sense) contribute to the task of making disciples?” Think about it? Do you have this command from the risen lord seared onto your heart as your personal mission, or do we just expect the clergy to take care of those things?
Another thought: “Do I have the burden on my heart to (in some sense) teach others what Jesus has taught me?” It would seem that everyone who claims to be a Christian has some responsibility to teaching others and passing on the faith.
How many of us think of these two commands as realities in our lives? Or do we just reply “That’s not MY job?”

More from Pastor Dustin Smith at http://www.timberlandbiblechurch.org/


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