Debating the Trinity

Last Friday I was privileged to participate in a debate over the question of who God is. I took the affirmative position that the Father is the only true God (cf. Jn 17.3). My opponent, Russ Dizdar, took the traditional position that God is three persons in one essence–the Trinity. This was my first moderated debate and it went very well for both of us. The tone was very civil and both sides were able to present their positions.

Unfortunately, the moderator, GeorgeAnn Hughes (founder of The Byte Show) was not able to participate very much because she was having some trouble with her voice (please keep her in your prayers). As a result, Mr. Dizdar and I kept track of our own time and took turns presenting our cases. The format of the debate was as follows:

Opening Statements
20 minutes — Sean Finnegan
20 minutes — Russ Dizdar

15 minutes — Sean Finnegan
15 minutes — Russ Dizdar

Direct Question and Answers
approximately an hour

This debate is a good opportunity to hear both sides of the unitarian vs. trinitarian discussion. Even though we ended up going for over two hours, there were still a lot of verses and ideas that we were not able to discuss. As a result, we will be having a part two (Lord willing) in two weeks. The subject for the next one will be the holy spirit.

To listen to or download the entire debate, please click here or select one of the parts from the chart below. (Unfortunately, the quality of these mp3s is very low but the full length mp3 seems to be a bit better.)

grace & peace


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