Theological Conferences Approaching

This year there will be two theological conferences put on by people who share our understanding of God, Jesus, and the gospel of the kingdom.

The first is the 17th annual Theological Conference put on by Sir Anthony Buzzard and Restoration Fellowship. It will be held at Simpsonwood Conference Center in Norcross, GA (transportation from the airport is provided). The conference starts in the early evening on Sunday, April 27th and ends at lunch on Wednesday, April 30th. Conference speakers include Sir Anthony Buzzard, Chuck Jones, Jesse Acuff, Sean Finnegan, possibly Alex Hall, possibly John Obelenus, and others. more information here

This year marks the first ever theological conference in Australia to be coordinated by Greg Deuble, author of They Never Told Me This in Church: A Call to Read the Bible with New Eyes. The theme is “The Creed of Jesus” and it will be held at the Virginia Palms Conference Center near Brisbane in Australia. The conference starts on Friday morning, July 18th, and concludes Sunday afternoon, July 20th. Speakers include Sir Anthony Buzzard, Greg Deuble, Frank Selch, Steve Cook, Cliff York, Mark Scull, and Paul Herring. To see the attractive brochure giving more details, please click here.

I highly encourage you to attend one or both of these conferences in order to be part of the cutting edge of unitarian and kingdom of God theology. Attendance at either will be sure to stretch you a bit but the experience is worthwhile and it is always so exciting to see all the people who attend from all over the world and hear their stories of faith. Often people speak of feeling all alone because of their non-trinitarian beliefs and how their search for truth resulted in their expulsion from the church. It is sad to hear this same story over and again but it is so great to be able to encourage other truth seekers to continue on in the Abrahamic faith.


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  1. Posted by William Draper on February 29, 2008 at 1:09 pm

    You may wish to have on reference my 500scripture refute of the Trinity Doctrine.

    a google blog….scriptural refute of the trinity doctrine.

    sincerely Wm. D.


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