Mark Driscoll – “Destroying Behavior Modification”

This was awesome.  I am trying to understand this very thing – regeneration – where my desires are changed by the holy spirit and what I used to love to do, I now hate and what I hated to do, I now love.  Certainly the world’s pressures continue to exist but joining into a partnership (covenant!) with God we now can have the edge on this. 

I think what Driscoll is saying is profound, AND biblical.  Yet, so often churches keep the bar and standard sooo low that things like this may seem radical for some, which really is sad because then so few actually are regenerated. 

This is something I have been thinking about a lot, along with our church.  We are tired of behavior modification that fails after a few weeks or months or when someone applies a little pressure.  Don’t you want your heart to change and cause your behavior to follow rather than hope for the other way around? 

I think Driscoll’s words are worth listening to and perhaps we should seek the LORD concerning our own hearts.


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