Theological Conference 6 – Another Music City Miracle

Click here to listen to Yet Another Music City Miracle as presented by J Dan Gill, Apr 29 2008, Atlanta Georgia. Commentary by John Obelenus

Dan opens with a startling thought he had leaving a Billy Graham revival. It seems that nearly all of those who ran forward to receive Jesus there would not have understood the Trinity, nor the divinity of Christ. Odd, it seems, because such revivals are led by those who hold the belief in the Trinity as the marker of a Christian. Yet, here are potential converts without that knowledge being accepted.

He asks “Must one come to faith in the doctrines of the Trinity and the divinity of Christ in order to be saved? Yet the activities of the crusade itself seemed to be overwhelmingly convincing that large numbers of people going forward would not have possessed even a rudimentary faith in those particular traditional doctrines.”

None of the materials given to those volunteers who pray with those who respond to the altar call provide any indication to instruct on these doctrines. No affirmation of these doctrines were to be found. “By evangelical standards, there were people who were being saved before possessing belief in the doctrine of the Trinity and dual nature of Christ. If indeed believing in those doctrines is a fundamental requirement for being a Christian, then truly during the crusade, we were seeing a terribly failed effort in the birthing of new Christians.”

Dan sees this as “another music city (Nashville) miracle”. That evangelicals have understood, on the coattails of Whitefield, Finney, and Moody, the sense of urgency of the first century Church, that we should preach and receive those who are moved to repent, without a thorough-going of days, weeks, or months, of Christian doctrinal instruction.

Rather, the faith that Jesus died for us, and was raised by God, and stands in God’s presence for us is what is held by church-goers world wide, including ourselves. That is the faith that saves, that we stand on, and which Peter described on the day of Pentecost. “In reality, to not declare the doctrines of the Trinity and dual nature of Christ to those seeking salvation is actually in harmony with the scriptures!” Just as Peter has no instruction on this matter in Acts 2, and three thousand were saved, why would the matter be any different today?

He asks very pointed questions: will evangelicals turn those people away who converted with no understanding of these doctrines? Or will God’s grace be abundant to save those people without that understanding? Has God given permission to man to add these doctrinal requirements to the apostolic formula for conversion? Will evangelicals deny the people supposedly saved by their own message since it lacks these supposedly required doctrines? No popular presentation of a Gospel message includes any message about the Trinity.

Dan ends by noting that the Lord knows who are his. If Christ receives those without this understanding, who are Christians to reject them?


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