Theological Conference 11 – My Story–To God Be The Glory

Click here to listen to My Story: To God Be The Glory presented by Joel Hemphill, Apr 30th 2008, Atlanta Georgia. Commentary by Sean Finnegan.

Famed gospel singer, Joel Hemphill, the surprise guest of the conference, delivered a riveting message about his story with God from his initial conversion at 10 years old to his recent arrival at the biblical unitarian position from his prior oneness (Jesus only) viewpoint. He speaks with lucidity, energy, and humility and the story he tells is gripping.

He has sent out over 130,000 tracts to various pastors and church leaders around America proclaiming his new found faith in the one God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Jesus. His book, To God Be The Glory documents his research on this subject.


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  1. Posted by bloggerfornow on March 9, 2011 at 9:01 pm

    I respect Joel Hemphill always blessed by his music, but I don’t think anyone can tell anyone who Jesus is. I know Jesus for myself and no one knows him for me. So his teaching that Jesus was not born like a human baby is not anything I would investigate.
    I remember Carlton Pearson another preacher who said that one day God spoke to him and told him that everyone was saved they just don’t know it.
    Another preacher saying he is homosexual and this is okay with God.
    God isn’t doing this because God is not giving different messages to different people all lies.
    The most dangerous heresy is the trinity doctrine, its history is one of blood and violence. It is the sole cause why billions are still lost without Jesus.
    Trinitarians cast Peter’s sermon aside and followed Plato and Augustine to worship a three-headed god.
    I listen to none of these people.


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