Freed To Serve

Thought this was a great sermon from yesterday’s service at Living Hope Community Church in Latham, NY taught by Rev. Vince Finnegan.  Visit their website at for more information.

The points that this sermon highlights are important for Christians to understand.  In the same way that Israel was freed from slavery so that they might serve the LORD, so Christians have been freed from sin so that they might serve and live for the LORD.  So often however, like Israel, people will turn from God at the first sign of adversity.  They will return to the very thing they used to be enslaved to, thinking that life was better back then.  God does not promise a life without trials but He does promise His people to be with them and guide them through this life until our promised land, the Kingdom of God is reached.

  • What thoughts come to your mind after watching this sermon?
  • Do you find yourself turning back to the things you were once enslaved to when hard times come?
  • What do you think one must do so that we turn to God and not sin when challenges come?
  • What did you think about what Rev. Finnegan spoke about regarding the two perspectives that people might have, even sitting next to each other in church hearing the same song?

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