Jewish Encyclopedia Entry on Jesus

I don’t know if you noticed this before or not, but it is interesting to see the perspective on Jesus from the Jewish Encyclopedia.  Here is the link.  Some of it is off obviously, but there are some interesting observations from the entry I thought were notable.
For example, regarding Jesus’ view of the Kingdom of God –
“The kingdom of God of which Jesus spoke had a decidedly political character, and all the apocalyptic writers so regard it. The Messiah with the twelve judges of the twelve tribes was expected to rule over the land (Matt. xvi. 27, xix. 28); the Judgment Day was to have its tortures of Gehenna for the wicked, and its banquet in Paradise for the righteous, to precede the Messianic time (Matt. viii. 11-12, xviii. 8-9; Luke xiii. 28-29, xiv. 15-24); the earth itself was to produce plenty of grapes and other fruit of marvelous size for the benefit of the righteous, according to Jesus‘ own statement to John (Papias, in Irenæus, “Adversus Hæreses,” v. 33-34).”
And on the crucifixion –
Before Pilate the sole charge could be attempted rebellion against the emperor. In some way, it would appear, the claim to be king of the Jews (or possibly of a kingdom of heaven) was made before him by Jesus himself, as is shown by the inscription nailed up in derision on the cross. To Pilate the problem presented was somewhat similar to that which would present itself to an Indian official of to-day before whom a Mohammedan should be accused of claiming to be the Mahdi. If overt acts in a disturbed district had accompanied the claim, the official could scarcely avoid passing sentence of condemnation; and Pilate took the same course.
Anything else stand out to you?  Thoughts?

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