Low Expectations and Klondike Bars

I will start by saying I like ice cream very much. I like Klondike Bars as well. So my criticism of a new 15-sec commercial that I saw recently has nothing to do with the product involved, but instead that the culture that this ad is marketed towards is as true as the ad portrays it to be. Here is the commercial I am speaking about:

What did you think? Certainly one could easily find humor in this ad, but isn’t that sort of sad. A man is portrayed as accomplishing something great when he looks his wife in the eyes and avoids looking at another woman as she passes by? Is this where we are at men? Now I know this post will reach a primarily Christian audience but I though it was appropriate to raise this question to those who do have a high moral standard of living as followers of the Messiah? Have we let the society around us take our manhood from us?

If one watches most recent sitcoms we find a portrayal of husbands usually as that of bumbling idiots while the mother is the strength of the house, the one who provides discipline and stability (see Tim Taylor from “Home Improvement,” Homer Simpson from “The Simpson’s” and even Raymond from “Everyone Loves Raymond”). The guys without families are usually focuses on hanging with their friends, avoiding trouble at work and playtime (see Doug from “The King of Queens,” etc.). Now certainly we may find other examples in pop culture today which do not follow this trends, but I highlight these because as Christians we must watch that we get our view of Biblical manhood, being husbands and fathers from the Scriptures and other godly examples around us.

So I write this as a gentle warning and an encouragement to my fellow brothers – be strong in the LORD and in the power of His might. Rise up to the godly roles that the LORD has established for us. We are needed in our homes, in our churches and in our communities as examples of love and strength, looking like Christ. As I have heard it said recently, you are a manly man when you decide to read the Scriptures, pray, and raise your family to serve the LORD. Forget about what society is telling us is manly, that often will contradict with Christ.

In the end, when we choose to stand up for truth, holiness and the ways of Christ, we will be rewarded with something much greater than a Klondike Bar. Keep the faith.

So, what do you think? Can you think of what verses support the Biblical view of a godly man? What else can men and families do to stand for God in this dark age?


One response to this post.

  1. I thought the video was humorous, but at the same time makes you feel stupid for watching it. Not something I expect of a high quality brand.


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