Fishermen who don’t fish

Odd concept don’t you think?  Check out the following story from a weekly evangelism e-newsletter that I get.  Thought it was thought provoking:

Last week my pastor shared an illustration about evangelism that made me squirm in my seat. The illustration was a parody about a group of fisherman who never really fished at all. They talked about fishing. They held fishing conferences. They endlessly analyzed fishing methodologies. One day an outsider attended one of their meetings and went out and caught some fish. They got so excited that they made him the leader of their group—and he never fished again! 

Of course, even before my pastor unpacked the story, we saw the lesson. Often we Christians are just like those “fishermen” when it comes to evangelism. We discuss it. We read about it. We even argue about the best way to do it. But we rarely actually evangelize. 

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with discussing methodology. We need a sound, informed approach. But study and discussion should never replace the crucial task of sharing our faith. 

I once heard someone say that “pastor’s can’t hide behind their pulpit” when it comes to evangelism.  I was personally convicted when they said that.  I’ve got to get out there myself!  Sometimes is easy to encourage others so you can sort of take the burden off of yourself.  One of the best ways to help those who are just starting out or those overcoming fears is to go out with them!  Don’t pass the buck, get the ball rolling yourself!  These might be sobering words for all of us, but important to consider.

If you’re like me, the winter time usually is down time for evangelism because common spring and summertime spots are cold and snowy – but perhaps before the snow falls and the temperatures drop too much farther it would be a good time to develop your winter months evangelism strategy.  Thankfully we don’t need to be in hibernation during this time of year!

What do you think?  Any ideas?


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