N.T. Wright On Love

“Love is the language Jesus spoke, and we are called to speak it so that we can converse with him. It is the food they eat in God’s new world, and we must acquire the taste for it here and now. It is the music God has written for all his creatures to sing, and we are called to learn it and practice it now so as to be ready when the conductor brings down his baton. It is the resurrection life, and the resurrected Jesus calls us to begin living it with him and for him right now. Love is at the very heart of the surprise of hope: people who truly hope as the resurrection encourages us to hope will be people enabled to love in a new way” – N.T. Wright, “Surprised by Hope” taken from Top Ten Excerpts by Raffi Shahinian

How is the love of a Christian different from that of those around them? Are Christians just to be good people who are kind to their neighbors? If so, how then does being a member of the Church differ from being a boy scout?

I agree with N.T. Wright that love is the primary duty of the Christian. I also agree that a good way to summarize how Christians should live now is in light of the nature of the world to come. We should be marked by the ethics of the next age. If this is the case, how then does love, or our love look and/or how does it differ from what many would consider love among those who are not Christians?


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