The Essential 100 Verses

Recently a group known as The Scripture Union put together a list of “The Essential 100 Verses.”  The concept behind this work is to break down the whole of Scripture into 100 to allow new believers to get an overview of Scripture in 100 days. I think this is a great idea.  I actually was planning on sending this list over to some of the new believers who I know.  So, then I took a quick gaze at what the “essential” verses were.  Maybe you can help me decide if I should send this out:

Take a look yourself – The Essential 100 Verses

50 selections from the Old Testament, and 50 from the New.  Anything missing? Any observations about this?  Once you click on the entry, you’ll notice that the Scripture selection for that entry is at the top of the page with links to audio files of the passage read.  Great idea.  I’m not thrilled that they would send a new reader to John 1 as their intro to the New Testament.  Why not send someone to the synoptics first where they will see the birth, life and death of Jesus clear and plain?  I’m not negating the importance of John by any means, but it just seems odd that that’s where we’d go first.

It’s a sad statistic at the top of this page that 8 out of 10 in the church won’t read the Bible.  I initially started to write this post as a skeptic of this Essential list, but I have re-thought it’s benefit.  If this will help some find the joy in Scripture and meet the LORD there, then praise God.


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  1. Hey thanks for the link to my blog.

    I would highly recommend the E100 bible reading program to any Christian for one primary reason: It helps you get the “big picture” of God’s master rescue plan. Having a solid understanding of God’s grand plan as it is laid out from the beginning of the Bible to the end has helped me more fully understand the details and the overall context of those details. Doing the E100 in a compressed time frame, in 100 days, helped me get that big picture. The verses in John 1 to me help give that “big picture” view.

    The E100 is also a great way to start a daily bible reading habit. A discipline that will bring a new vigor and vitality to a Christian’s faith and relationship with God.

    Scripture Union also has a great ongoing daily bible reading guide that is published quarterly: “Encounter with God”. Check it out at


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