The Great Emergence – Phyllis Tickle

I think she’s got an interesting description of what’s going on right now.  I don’t know how universal this is, but certainly in America and some European countries I think this is true.  I’m happy that people are willing to reconsider and examine whether or not their version of Christianity is actually based on the teachings of Jesus.  This is important – however, the downside of this is being so open to being wrong about whether or not we’re following Jesus is that we allow things we shouldn’t as we’re investigating where to go next.  Is this something that can be avoided?

What do you think?  Pros/Cons about what this video presents?  Is she nailing it or missing something?


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  1. Posted by Angela on October 22, 2009 at 9:16 am

    I do agree that many people are searching and seeking right now and the traditional denominations and “religion” is currently being reformed. People want authenticity. They want something that works. Christianity and the mega churches seem to be closing down smaller churches, yet the result seems to be less depth in the people and their knowledge of what the Bible actually says, as the mega churches’ teachings (in most cases) seem to sway towards practical living that could be found in any self-improvement class. As denominational churches lose their denominations to become “community” churches, Christianity is becoming watered down and it opens the door for other beliefs to emerge. This is not all bad, because most traditional protestant churches have been teaching some errant theologies that are not consistent with the teachings of Jesus in the Bible. Perhaps this is truly an opportunity for the truth of what the Gospel truly is, and who Jesus really was and is, to come out loud and clear. It may be time to ditch the man-made creed of the trinity and the Plato philosophies that man’s soul is immortal and goes to heaven when it dies, and go back to the original teachings of the man, Jesus Christ, who spoke the words of God to us, over two-thousand years ago. As God said, “This is My Beloved Son. LISTEN TO HIM!!”


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