Sabbath Day Thoughts

Last week was great.  As I start out my new day this morning I was realizing how as Rob Bell said in his podcast, devoting Saturday as a day of rest takes (ironically) some work.  In anticipation of not having to “get things done” today, my wife and I both had to get things done yesterday.  We’re having some friends over for dinner tonight – so we had to get the house clean yesterday so we didn’t find ourselves spending the entire afternoon today cleaning up.  There’s nothing wrong with cleaning up…it’s important obviously, but neither of us wanted to spend today resting by cleaning up the house.

This is certainly something that you must take the time during the week to prepare for.  I don’t want things to be piling up in my life so much that they spill over to today.  If there are specific needs, that’s something different – but if because of the busy-ness of my life and I have too much on my plate to the point of it spilling over to today.

I found last week a little challenging with the no blackberry (etc) pledge.  It wasn’t because I felt like I needed to be connected, because in fact time with my wife alone was all I wanted – I just found myself reaching for it to pass the time while I was waiting for something, wondering if any email had come in, etc.  I am observing that simply because it seems that there are some areas of my life where I need to be quiet, and rest and I am not used to that.  It’s kind of like when you get into your car and you immediately reach for the radio.  Maybe some of you don’t know what I mean by that, but that automatic, subconscious almost act of reaching for the radio – simply because part of getting into your car, turning it on, and preparing to pull out it turning the radio on.  That’s what I don’t want to have towards my blackberry, computer, or anything else really – but towards God (with the exception of the whole ‘mindless’ part).

So today I hope to spend time being revived physically and spiritually.  I am looking forward to time with my family, time at home and time enjoying the life that God has given to me – this should be a day not of neglecting the things of God but remembering His goodness and faithfulness – and a memorial of the coming day of rest for His people.


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  1. Great post Victor will this be a series?


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