Laying the Foundations For a More Beautiful Daughter [A More Beautiful You (Part II)]

This weekend we have one of the biggest celebrated holidays of the year.  Halloween is deeply routed in the american culture and has been for a very long time.  Many fathers and mothers will dress their sons and daughters in costumes and go trick or treating with them while the other parent stays home to hand out candy to their neighbors children as they come to there door.

Before they know it, their children will not need them to help with the costumes nor need (or want) their supervision while they practice these Halloween traditions.

Plea’s from much christian leadership are viewed as legalistic, stubborn, extremist, etc.  The arguments from the christians are old, repetitive and at this point dull.

After all, why would we deprive the children of such fun and enjoyment? Especially when all there friends are doing it as well.  Do you expect them to endure the emotional scars of being “left out”?

When these children grow up, and enter into a theoretical phase of life called adolescence, they will continue to celebrate this holiday, why would it be wrong now when it was not wrong in the past?  They may even continue to celebrate into their adulthood.

And it is at this stage in life that I would like to focus on in the rest of the article. Halloween becomes a costume party for adolescents and adults.  I saw a satirical article the other day about the adult costume options that are out there.  There are many options for men and women, but the women’s costumes seem to have an underlying theme, that being of sexual exploitation.  After  reading the article I searched online for halloween costumes (literally typing those words into google.)  When I clicked on the women’s section of all the sites I went to, I would say about 70-80% of the costumes for women contained either the word sexy, or foxy or sultry or some other word to that effect.  Most of the other remaining costumes did not have these descriptive words, but were designed very with the same mind set. I even found 2 sensual costumes of a popular teenage character from a well known movie.  When I clicked on the teenage women’s costumes, I was very surprised at how revealing those were as well (including a “frisky” costume.)

The depiction of women in the media is horrendous.  I won’t pretend to know what its like to be a woman and be bombarded with images of what I’m expected to look like that only realistically represents less than 1% of the population, but I do know the pressure is huge.  Women are treated as sexual objects all the time, but it seems especially so on Halloween.  And the arguments to participate in such a way does not change from when they are a child.  Why be deprived of such fun and enjoyment?  All their friends are doing it as well?  Do you expect them to endure the emotional scars of being left out?

The pressure for women to look this way is immense in our culture, and I see some feel the need to look like everybody else.  I just want to encourage the men out there to let the women they know and love that we are disgusted by this aspect of our culture.  That when we see women that reject and not conform to this, we find them more beautiful.  Also, I want to encourage parents not to plant seeds of conformity this weekend.  I feel that planting seeds of nonconformity will do so much more.


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