A More Beautiful You (Part 5)

Proverbs 31 is it too outdated for us 2010 modern day women???   I think not!  When I go through this proverb and dissect it line by line for my own personal understanding I say wow up before dark to make food for my family? Buy things of great value? Sew my family’s clothes? Bring my husband good and not harm?  Open my arms to the poor and needy? Walk around with strength, dignity, wisdom, confidence?  These do not sound like a woman of today.  No I think  fast food, prepared meals, nannies , store bought clothes, disgrace and dishonor to husbands, the needy are gross, dirty  people who they tell their children to avoid at all cost, women who are arrogant and prideful  who think they too are a man and must be treated equally as one or else!!

So then I ask myself what must I change about myself to line up with this proverb that God gave us women as a guideline to be virtuous and worth far more then rubies?  Isn’t this just what we are looking for anyway to be valued, to be loved, to be thought of as precious and honorable?  I think so.   So I see that it is my heart that must change before I even think about my daily routine and actions.  I must love my God enough to trust Him that what He gave me as a guideline on how to be virtuous, beautiful, confident, strong and wisdom filled is what I should strive for.   It is what will make me more precious than rubies to my husband and honorable to society.

So in what some women think of as outdated or politically incorrect we find the very thing that God has given us as a picture of a virtuous, beautiful, confident, strong and wisdom filled women.  I am willing to look weird and strange to the entire female population and society at large in order to look right and acceptable to God, how about you?


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  1. Posted by Mom on November 2, 2009 at 11:40 am

    WOW! I am impressed and blessed with your thoughts about being a virtuous woman. I think our society is very different from the time that this proverb was written. For example we dont need to make our clothes, but we still can be thrifty in our purchases and if necessary we can make them. I do see that we as women need to take care of our husbands, clothes, food and care for the house, these responsibilites have not changed. Whats changed is the way women look at their role as a wife. And I think the whole womens lib movement drastically effected that. No more ‘betty crocker” wife, that was degrading for some women, not all of us, thank God.
    I believe if we follow Proverbs 31 as best we can our husbands, children and society as a whole will be effected and hopefully we can convert some of these “womens libbers”!


  2. This is my favorite chapter of the Bible, even more so then Psalm 100. I think it is a great guide to what GOD asks of us and I think if we truly give ourselves to HIM then it is totally do-able!!! Thanks for the insight!!!


  3. This was an amazing article Jess.

    Society and modern “enlightenment” philosophy tells us that the virtuous woman is naive, stupid or worthless. That women can be so much more than the woman described here. They might start with who cares about rubies? But God was inspiring the writer to make the point that this is something of very high value.

    Now I have looking into the self sufficient lifestyle recently, namely not relying on others to live, which is how people lived up till about 150 years ago, and reading this section of scripture makes me realize how amazing this women would be valued with this life style. But not just this life style, any life style!

    I wrote my thoughts down while reading on how to translate this to modern times and thoughts.

    In modern terms:

    knows how to work wool and flax
    Know how sow, knit, flax includes things like making rope and fabrics

    She puts a lot of time and effort into feeding her house

    She knows how to size up and evaluate a piece of land

    and knows how to bring extra income, in multiple ways and high skills, into a household

    and also knows how to reinvest the income to benefit the household

    She is physically strong and in good shape (healthy),

    she has self worth, and self esteem

    she helps the needy and those outside her house

    she has taken care of the needs for making it through the winter (This is before electricity people)

    Making herself beautiful is consider a virtue, and adorning herself in a way that brings God glory

    Because of her, her husband is strengthened.. Behind every strong man is a strong woman…
She has wisdom to impart to others

    She is not lazy

    So much of these qualities are missing from modern life, not in just women but men as well.

    So, does this woman sound naive? I’m looking at real estate right now, I have no idea how to size up property. About 4 or 5 years ago, neither did a lot of other people. ( I have to wonder how many wives intuition went unheeded about whether the family should be spending so much money on a house.

    I don’t know how to work wool, and neither do most people in this country, we don’t even have a textile industry anymore.

    I’m not going to get into the rest of this, but I know I can.

    This woman is amazing.

    Please somebody make a case that this woman is week, worth less than a man, or stupid.


    • Wow great thoughts!!! and truly amazing to think of her in modern times.  This may sound crazy but this sounds so doable with God.  This is not intimating at all with Him.  Great summarization of this section.


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