Evangelists Target Unreligious New England

CBS News: Evangelists Target Unreligious New England

In New England, we battle the hard hearts of skeptics while enjoy the open-mindedness of those searching.  Engaging our neighbors and communities is important – and there is a way to do it right.  Forget the marketing strategies or membership drives, get into conversations with the people you’re around.  I think that the challenge facing New England in regards to evangelism and outreach is not in the people who need the gospel, its found in the people who supposedly don’t.

Best line of the article – “That means outreach must be deliberate and personal.” And those reaching out need to move out of the comfort of our church building’s four walls and away from the safety have having our pastors teach those who don’t know the gospel.

Maybe if we stop the excuses – fear, busy-ness, selfishness, ignorance, newness, etc – and seek the LORD’s help, there can be some change.  I don’t know if there is going to be a revival in New England widespread (that’d be nice), but I know that there are people hurting and broken and self-deceived and searching and praying right in this city.  God is waiting for some willing hands and hearts.

There is no one like our God.  He’ll help us.


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  1. I am in the process of running a soup kitchen in my town every Saturday, as the Lord has truly been prompting me to do this. I am amazed at the people who already do so much & have so many burdens in their lives who are stepping up to help. I am also saddened when I hear that some church groups dont want to get involved because their doctrine & the doctrine of my church are different. Just imagine what could be done if we all moved with the Heart of Christ! No boundaries, no excuses…we truly ask Him to open our hearts & then we move to do what He asks…
    I encourage you to not get discouraged! Remember the work of those who have come before us! Even if others are not acting we dont need to stop! We need to ask the Lord to encourage us for whereever & whatever He desires us to serve at & we go! There is so much to do and the time left is unknown. God bless!


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